How to Feel Less Alone While Social Distancing


1.)Take a walk 

Getting a breath of fresh air, stretching your legs, and getting out of the house will all help with isolated feelings. Taking a walk is a great way to indulge in nature’s beauty, and even serves as an exercise. Be sure to keep your distance from others though.

2.) Do something creative 

Whether it’s painting, journaling, or simply coloring, being artistic can help you destress and get your mind off of everything going on.

3.) Call your friends and loved ones

This may seem like an obvious solution to loneliness, but putting in the effort to contact your relatives and pals will not only make you feel better, but it will mean a lot to those you contact as well.

4.) Take care of yourself

However you define self-care, it is important to nourish your mind and body. Take a hot bath, read a book, drink some tea, whatever makes you feel good about yourself and at peace

5.) Remember what this is all about 

No matter how dreadful this situation is for everyone, it is crucial to take in to count why we are social distancing in the first place. Ultimately, we are staying inside for our safety, and the safety of everyone around us.