Virtual Learning and its Effects on Students

These past two weeks the students here NPHS have been undergoing online learning due to precautions taken concerning COVID-19. This learning has been conducted via platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom, and Google Meets/Hangouts. This form of learning is clearly very different than traditional learning, and it seems to have had some effect on the way students learn and retain information.

Of the students asked about the issue, some seemed to actually prefer online learning as opposed to traditional learning. They say that the online school allows them more freedom in the order they wish to do their assignments in. They also enjoy the more simple nature of some assignments and how there is more time for them to complete their learning during the day.

Other students expressed some concern regarding the online learning. These students struggle with the structure of online learning and how assignments are being distributed. They say that some of the work assigned can be confusing and it feels like, in some cases, there may be more work than they would normally expect. In addition, the personal nature of classroom teaching and learning is lost and some students thrive on that.

Overall, whether you approve or disapprove of virtual learning, it appears as though it is here to stay.