What is Covid-19 Teaching Us?

Message from a virus


Jeevika Thazhaiselvam , reporter, author

2020 has been a testing year so far. While being in the midst of a global pandemic, we are also practicing social distancing. While this time of isolation is stressful for some, others have found this time to think. What is Corona virus teaching us? The past two months have seen a sharp decline in the emissions of Carbon, Nitrogen dioxide, and Carbon dioxide in areas of the globe affected by Covid-19. The use of fossil fuels and automobiles have been reduced. Cruise ships that pollute water have been stopped. Reduced flight travels have brought down greenhouse gas emissions. The satellite Sentinel-5P launched by the European Space Agency has been monitoring these atmospheric changes. Today, more countries are getting locked down and if these environmental changes continue, nature is definitely trying to revive itself. The consumption of wild animals (not just in China) has been reduced. People are also faltering at the thought of illegal animal trading and hunting. For years, homo sapiens have been the dominating species on this planet. We urbanized and polluted every corner of the globe. One day, a little, invisible virus decided to seize the reign. Without discriminating, the viral outbreak attacked nations big and small, leaving thousands sick. The remaining population got stuck in cages of four walls. Before this disheartening story continues, let’s understand what Covid-19 is teaching us. Despite our differences, all humans are the same and in this time of crisis, this realization would spark hope in many. Secondly, the world doesn’t just belong to us and we must do our part in keeping our planet safe.