Changes: Justin Bieber Album Review

Julianna Rodrigues, Reporter

Since the beginning of Justin Biebers’s career I have never felt like a true belieber… Yes there have been quite a few bops here and there, but I was hoping to be able to listen to this album with a clear and unbiased mind.

     Yummy, this song is quite the listen, however I can not say what it’s about. A hint that can be given is that it speaks a certain connection with that special somebody within a relationship. It is hard to not have this song stuck in your head with the catchy chorus being, yummy, yummy…Yummy, yummy.

Intentions, this song touched my heart, for it was about everyone who is working hard to be able to achieve their dreams. In the music video, Bieber actually helps out a couple of people who are working hard for a life, but are in need of certain things in order to make their dreams come true.

All Around Me, This long gives a sense of true love and how it can change you for the better.