Possible Presidential Impeachment

Recently this year, it was discovered that Donald Trump had spoken to the president of Ukraine over the phone. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but thanks to an anonymous whistleblower, the topic of discussion has been leaked. The president was allegedly attempting to persuade the Ukrainian President into digging up information about rival presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, and their business relations in Ukraine. If these allegations are true, then this is grounds for impeachment. This is the same type of crime that caused the impeachment of Richard Nixon. However, the validity of these accusations has still yet to be proven.

All of this is important, but how do the students here at North Providence High School feel? The general consensus amongst people I talked to was that if true, these allegations need to be taken seriously. However, there was still a group that still support President Trump. This is in contrast to how people felt at the beginning of President Trump’s term, where students felt a little more hopeful about the future. Even if some of them weren’t happy with his election, they still seemed to have an optimistic outlook on the future. These days people seem to either support him or want him gone.