Transition from Middle School to Highschool

Christine Pietkiewicz

From the eyes of an eighth-grader, high school seems intimidating. But, after a few weeks in school, the adjustment comes easy. I expected high school to be extremely overwhelming and crowded. At times, school does get a little overwhelming, but if you keep up with your work and stay organized, you will succeed. The hallways are crowded, so staying to the right of the hall and paying attention is essential. Personally, upperclassmen were the most intimidating part of the transition. Although they do poke fun at freshman, occasionally, it’s all in good fun and if you stay in your place they won’t bother you. The biggest difference between high school and middle school has been having to go in between floors when going to classes. After figuring out the general layout of the school, I’ve found it easy to memorize the location of my classes. If you ever do feel overwhelmed by school, make sure to reach out to teachers, guidance, or your parents/guardians.