Cougars Take the Win on Homecoming, 39-0!

Riley-Kate Pappas, Reporter

A beautiful afternoon on October 5th, 1:30pm, the cougar football team geared up to face their rival, Smithfield in our annual homecoming game. The festivities throughout the afternoon began with Mrs Gingras’ chorus singing the national anthem once again. The cheerleaders lined the field and cheered on the cougar football players. To begin halftime, important members of the town, school, and state senators and councilmen were announced. Shortly following, homecoming winners were announced, both queens and kings from each grade. The winners were freshman Samantha Marciano and Jarid Ruggiero. The juniors had Savannah Lopez  and Kyle Mazzei win. In the court for the seniors was Mary-Catherine Fornaro and Nicholas Barrow alongside reigning prom king and queen, Ashley Picard and Derick Santana. And for the third year in a row, Xavier Harney and Madison Liston were crowned senior homecoming king and queen. Congratulations to everyone in the court!  After the introductions, the dance team took the field to show off their new routine and the crowd loved it. Though unfortunately there was not enough time for the cheerleaders to perform, but that didn’t stop Ms. Nassi and her team. They performed their fantastic routine in between the third and fourth quarter and got the crowd hyped up. The Cougars finally broke the homecoming curse by bringing home the win with an outstanding 39-0 shutout. Good job to the Cougar football team!