Spirit Night 2019!


Naeelah Desanges, Reporter

     The gymnasium was buzzing with NPHS students dressed in their class colors. The Seniors were ready to reign victorious over the whole school and prove that they truly were the top dog – and that’s exactly what they did. The savage seniors won seven of the ten competitions including the Spin Relay Race, the Scooter Relay, Ping Pong, the Wheelbarrow Race, the Three Legged Race, and they tied with the Sophomores on the feather blow contest. Even though the Seniors dominated the night, the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen weren’t completely defeated. The juniors crushed musical chairs with determination glaring in their eyes. The Sophomores tied on the feather blowing contest and, by the looks of it, both players were relieved it was over. The amount of neck straining and panting made everyone watching exhausted with them. Lastly,   the Freshmen surprised everyone with their underdog move in the Three-Point shooting game. When it came down to the last two throws for the freshmen, every basketball went into the net with a swoosh, and never hitting the rim. Spirit Night was an amazing evening for everyone, whether it was your first or your last, Spirit Night was a great way to celebrate the beginning of an awesome school year.

By: Aidan Iacobucci
Feather Blowing Contest
By: Aidan Iacobucci
The three-legged race
Aidan Iacobucci
Sophomore Swagger
An excited crowd of juniors!
By: Aidan Iacobucci
Fun times were had by all!