Nerd Herd’s Endgame Predictions


As you all know, this weekend is the opening weekend for the biggest movie of 2019, Avengers Endgame. In order to get ready for the big release, we asked members of the Nerd Herd, our resident experts, for their predictions for Endgame. These are their predictions:

Brayden- During the final fight of the movie, Iron Man is going to use the Infinity Gauntlet to kill Thanos.

Anthony- Both Iron Man and Captain America will die, and Captain Marvel becomes the new leader of the Avengers.

Sebastian- The Avengers will use time travel to go back in time and defeat Thanos.

Ryan- The Avengers will collect the infinity stones, and Iron Man will get the Soul Stone by having the Winter Soldier kill his parents.

Jerry- Iron Man will die.

Sal- Captain America is the only one who dies, the other Avengers will live or retire.

Marley- Captain America and Iron Man both die.

Patrick- Rocket will die, Miles Morales will be there.