NPHS Students Support The New Green Deal


Abigail Medeiros, Editor in Chief

Today, Monday February 25, 2019, a North Providence High School student representative from the Sunrise Movement, Sarah LeClair, took the initiative in doing what is right for her community. As we all know, climate change and global warming seem to be a heated topic in congress right now. This generation of high school kids are scared for the Earth and the future of the planet. The newly proposed Green Deal is a set of proposed economic programs in the United States that aim to address climate change and economic inequality. LeClair made a presentation, where she explained that studies show the Earth only has about 12 more years if we do not act against fossil fuels and start going green. Sadly, out of the 100 Senators here in the US, only 11 are in full support of this new deal. Sarah believes that this is because of the money that fossil fuel companies rake in each year. After her presentation, LeClair asked students (including myself) to call our two Senators (Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse) in order to have our voices heard in support of the new Green Deal. Without this new deal, the fate of the Earth may crumble to global warming, further damaging the planet for generations to come.


If you or anyone you know is interested in contacting the Rhode Island Senators in order to convince them to support this new Green Deal, you can call Senator Jack Reed at (202)-224-4642 and/or Senator Sheldon Whitehouse at (202)-224-2921.