Should Schools Have One Week of February Break?

Owen Landry, Editor

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Earlier this week, most school districts in Rhode Island had February break, including our own. However, North Providence School District only has two days of break. This is unusual compared to the standard full week of many schools. The purpose of our shortened break is so we get out of school earlier in case we have any snow days. Some argue that this is beneficial to us, as they would rather be in school when it’s cold, rather than when it is scorching hot outside.

On the other hand, some students say that we should get a full week. They argue that it’s not worth it to get out earlier. Most would rather have an uninterrupted week of break than have to go back after only two days. In addition, many more students feel this way due to the fact that we haven’t had any snow days so far this year. These two things in combination with the fact that other districts have a full week of break have made many students upset at the shortened break.

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