The Ideal Qualities of a High School Graduate

Ahmad Almutaseb, Editor

It’s 7:35 a.m. on a typical school day, the late bell rings and the television set lights up with Mr. Goho’s bright beautiful voice informing students to turn off all electronic devices and stand for the National Anthem. After the moment of silence and recital of the Pledge of Allegiance,  it’s time to sit quietly for the morning announcements, with one of the first parts you hear being the mission of North Providence High School. I’m sure many students, whether wittingly or not, have it memorized by heart, especially the last part about molding students into “Well-rounded individuals who are lifelong learners and productive members of society.” But what does this truly mean, especially in regards to the graduating class who are ready to head out their way? I talked with Mrs. Leaheey on the matter, giving me some insight on what this is about. “An ideal graduate, to me, is someone who is confident in them self, but always willing to challenge themselves,” she said, adding that “they have a healthy curiosity for ALL forms of knowledge and are willing to explore and understand their surroundings.” Of course, this is quintessential to any successful student, but honestly just how important are academics? “Well, it’s really not all about that. Of course, academics are great, but passion of any kind outweighs it by far,” responds Leaheey. “You gotta know yourself well enough to be confident who you are and what it is you want to do. And if you don’t, you certainly have to have the drive to push yourself to find out” she adds. “And above all, no matter what, you should NEVER be afraid to make mistakes. Sure failure doesn’t have to be your end goal nor should it be, but in every failed outcome is an opportunity to learn and improve, it’s just a change you might have to work for” she concludes.