A True Triumph of Team Spirit

Aidan Iacobucci, News Editor

A ferocious, yet graceful flip turn and stunning streamline create a nail-biting edge in the race for swimming success. The roaring teammates whirring with excitement and anxiety as a swimmer, their fellow comrade, is gallivanting towards the wall, neck and neck with the competition. Tunnel vision ensues. The only important entitiy of their utter existence is getting to that wall. Tears are dropping from the eyes of nervous onlookers. The burn of lactic acid in the swimmer’s muscles are what  motivates them to the end. They hit the wall. The meniscus of the water calms in the midst of a shattered record. The competitors shake hands. A typical meet for the North Providence High School’s Cougar Swim Team is just beginning. North Providence High School had a truly successful first home meet of the season on Thursday, December 13th. Although they lost in points, they won in spirit. It was NPHS who cheered for their team from the first dive until the last stroke. Classical only wishes that they upheld enough cheerful service to their team. Not only was the team spirit high, but NPHS saw a complete transformation in their technique. Flip turns were attempted and completed, stream lines and undulations were perfected. All skills taught by Ms. Bozigian and Mr. Muccino were in full effect. Andrea Cortez even received three state qualifying times, as well as the coveted “angel jacket,” awarded to the person that was the most proficient in their event overall.  So it wasn’t a technical victory, but in any other sense of the word, we blew Classical High School out of the water. Literally.