Preparing for Parenthood

Owen Landry, Editor

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        This past week, students have been participating in a project where they have to make and take care of a fake baby. This project is part of the Child Development Unit for Psychology, which is taught by Ms. Ambrose. The babies are made of nylon and rice, due to it being heavy enough to simulate the weight of a baby. The project goes on for six days, and during that time period students do one activity in class and research on their own each day. These activities are child raising activities, including things like research on what to do and what not to do. 

The project hasn’t changed very much since last year. The only things that have changed are the addition of new toys that look at and challenge traditional gender stereotypes. At the end of the six days, students are given the opportunity to wright a reflection on what they think needs improvement. Overall, the project allows students to see what it is like to raise a child, and the responsibility required.

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