Nerd Herd at Comic Con


Owen Landry, Editor

As some of you may know, Rhode Island Comic Con was held at the Rhode Island Convention Center last weekend. While there, I saw many vendors and attractions in the exhibition hall. There were various booths selling their merchandise. Often times the merchandise was very expensive compared to retail prices. In regards to cosplay, this year there were many cosplayers of characters from various series and franchises. At the convention this year there was a panel for the North Providence High School Nerd Herd. The panel consisted mainly of discussions about what it is like growing up as a teenage nerd in today’s society. While there wasn’t a moderator for the panel, questions were directly answered by the three people on it. The questions mainly focused on what the panelists were interested in and what life experiences they have had, such as bullying. Overall, this year’s Comic Con was a great experience, and I plan on attending again next year.