Plastic Straws VS Marine Life

Gillian Machado, Editor

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Sadly, plastic is a commonly used material for numerous common objects such as bags, straws, and many more. Plastic is considered to be one of the leading problems in our environment. From its origin, plastic is rapidly polluting Earth’s waters. Since plastic is very light, it is possible for it to blow away and go into the ocean, where animals mistake the material for food. This plastic causes many problems for marine life, because they can entangle themselves in it and potentially die. Many businesses including most recently and famously, Starbucks, are trying to help stop the usage of plastic by eliminating plastic straws from their locations. Many states are considering passing a law to ban the production and use of plastic straws altogether –especially California. Plastic has become such a dangerous epidemic for marine life, that laws would be a good start for the war against plastic to help the environment. 

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