“Venom” Movie Review

Lucas Thornton, Editor

“Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas, so many snacks so little time” these are the terrifying words of the alien symbiote by the name of “Venom”. The movie “Venom” is about a a reporter by the name of Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) who wishes to expose the main antagonist Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed) for crimes of using humans in deadly scientific experiments.
Throughout the movie, it shows how Venom and Eddie Brock are two separate entities. When Eddie is first taken by venom Tom Hardy really makes you think that Eddie is actually insane. As the movie progresses, Venom truly shows that he has a personality and is not a lifeless goo that makes Eddie Brock turn into a black toothed monster that eats peoples heads off.
Carlton Drake is the leader of the life foundation and is later taken by the symbiote “Riot”. Riot is a different symbiote than Venom. Venom shows compassion for his host and wishes to make a bond with whoever he is bonded with. Riot on the other hand wants to have complete control of his host and use it’s body for his own doing.
Riot works with Carlton Drake after infecting him to bring more symbiotes to earth to take the planet over. Venom likes earth and wishes to stop him and continue living inside of Eddie.
The CGI in this movie was superb. Every time Eddie Brock comes on screen, you want him to allow Venom to take over. Venom is depicted as an eight foot tall, muscular, inky black skinned, monster which makes him look better than he ever did in any other spider-man comic or film. His voice is deep and booms throughout the theater and makes you want to see more.
Overall, I’d give this movie a 9/10. The story and CGI was all believable and very intriguing. The only downside is that there was almost no rising action. The climax comes almost out of nowhere but does not disappoint. As for a sequel? All that can be said is there will be blood and carnage.