The Cougar Band at the Columbus Day Parade

Ahmad Almuhtaseb

I hope everyone had a fantastic day-off this Monday October 8, 2018! For those unaware, last Sunday was the day the local Columbus Day Parade was held on Federal Hill in Providence. Of course the school band had partaken in the march, myself included, and we had a blast playing both in unison and in uniform! Marching across Atwells Avenue, I had seen lots of cheering crowds, excited children, politicians, and lots of food stands! This was a nice change of scenery from the previous two years where it quite literally rained on our parade, leaving us unable to participate. This is admittedly my first year marching at the Federal Hill parade, and I must say it was quite exciting to see how enthusiastic everyone was to simply be at the parade, whether they were marching or simply watching with the crowd. It felt good knowing the part we played lifted the spirits of those watching. Sure it began to feel tiring, and a bit tedious near the end, it’s an experience I wouldn’t mind partaking in again!