Music Department Spring Concert 2018

NPHS Annual Spring Concert is Under Way

Abigail Medeiros, Editor

As the nice warm weather is at its peak, the Music Department at North Providence High School is getting ready for its annual Spring Concert. This year’s concert will be held on May 16, 2018 at 6 o’clock p.m. in the M. Beatrice Ward Auditorium in North Providence High School. All around, the Spring Concert is a fun way to show off and perform skills gained by song and music throughout the school year. This concert shows the incredible talent each individual student has. The program includes selections from the Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, Concert Choir, and Acapella groups. Early arrival upon going to this concert is advised due to its popularity throughout the town. Junior Morgan Van Thyne, a percussion in the North Providence High School Concert Band States, “I feel as though as a band we have improved as time went on. We’ve gotten more comfortable with our instruments by practicing at home, not just during school. I’m super excited for the concert, and the pieces we are preforming are definitely crowd pleasers.” As shown by this eager student, the Spring Concert is a heavily anticipated event. All proceeds will benefit the Music Department and its components at North Providence High School. Your presence will be greatly appreciated not only by the wonderful teachers leading the Music Department, but by the hardworking students. So come on down to enjoy a night of tapping your feet and feeling the chilling goosebumps of astounding music.