Youth Commission Induction Ceremony 2018

A night to celebrate the youth role models of North Providence

Abigail Medeiros, Editor

An exciting event is just around the corner for the youth leaders of North Providence. This Monday, May 7, 2018, members of the North Providence Youth Commission will be formally inducted. The Youth Commission is a youth led group, formulated to assist and make the town a better place. The leaders of Youth Commission are Seniors Jared Rubino and Luke Giguere, who works along side adult supervisor Jeanie Vickers, and mascot dog Keeper. Monday brings a celebration of new members, and an emotional farewell to those graduating from the Youth Commission. The event will begin at 5:30 in the auditorium, where food will be served and audience members will hear speeches from each Commissioner and Mayor Charles Lombardi. You will hear how each individual person feels about the Youth Commission. Personally, as a member of the group myself, I have had great experiences working alongside my peers, and volunteering within the community. You most likely saw these amazing people at town events such as National Night Out, and Pumpkins in the Park held at Governor Notte Park. Supervisor Jeanie Vickers states it will be hard not to cry on Monday due to the fact that many Seniors will be leaving the group to attend college. The group is an outstanding part of this town, and Monday is the main celebration of its success. Congratulations to the following students who will be inducted into the North Providence Youth Commission for 2018: Abigail Angelone, Savannah Banuchi, Vlordrik Burhoe, Andrew Bras, Samantha Bras, Sean Burt, Eva Burchfield, Helin Can, Hevin Can, Nicholas Carbone, Victoria Carbone, Tina Chen, Hailey-Rose Coulet, Ashley D’Ambra, Sydney Daignault, Alex DaSilva, Audrey Dionne, Nene Doukoure Karla Espino, Daisy Garnetto, Luke Giguere, Nick Giorgi, Katarina Gorder, Noah Goulet, Juliana Hall, Meghan Healy, Gillian Hodge, Agi Joof, Jeanette Kazarian, Olivia Kooloian, Sonia Lariviere, Stephen Marano, Kara Males, Shannon McNally, Abigail Medeiros, Nicole Mendore, Tayla Moitoso, Alyssa Montanaro, Gianna Montella, Taylor Montella, Quadir Moore, Alejandra Murillo, Emily Nassef, Andre Olivia, Peggy Olmos, Sal Piccirillo, Gabby Picerno, Jessalyn Pires, Alyssa Pollock, Elyse Quetta, Emily Potter, Jared Rubino, Malaiah Rudolph, Amber Ruggiero, Gian Salvatore, Greg Schaumberg, Aisha Siddiqui, Ashley Siravo, Michael Tan, Samantha Tancrede, Daniel Tran, Cameron Twitchell, Michael Valentine, Ryan Vincent, Victoria Winter, and Victoria Wrage. Once again, the town of North Providence congratulates these unique individuals on their success with the North Providence Youth Commission.