Prom 2018

Everything you need to know about this years fashion styles.

Abigail Medeiros, Editor

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Prom season is officially here, and both Juniors and Seniors at North Providence High School are scurrying to find the best outfit for the night of their lives. Each year fashion seems to endure a new fad or common style. As far as this years prom goes, there are many styles you may be encountering. Metallic shades have become popular not only on the red carpet, but during prom season as well. These dresses are usually shimmering in gold or silver with a matte finish. An open back and cut-outs have also made their way to the top. Jaw-dropping cutouts and crossing spaghetti straps enhance simple silhouettes with unique structuring. This makes for a dramatic re-boot of vintage style dresses. One last trend seen in prom dresses this year is velvet. This top fabric migrates from the red carpet to bring an elegant and breathtaking look. It bridges the gap between the old and new styles of prom. Males however are going to bring more traditional looks to prom this year. A simple tuxedo with a tie or bow tie (matched with a significant other of course), are most popular. A well fitting tuxedo with a freshly pressed white shirt and polished black shoes create a timeless look for prom. Ultimately, no matter the trend or fad, students at North Providence High School with be uniquely dressed to impress on prom night. 

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