NPHS Utilizes Comic Books As An Outlet For Learning


Abigail Medeiros , Editor

During the month of February, love is not the only thing in the air. New learning opportunities are also in the air making its way to classrooms at North Providence High School.

American Experience II, a blended learning class at NPHS, is being introduced to new ways of learning. One could view this way of learning as more efficient and enjoyable, rather than falling asleep to the tone of a teachers monotonous voice. Comic books are not only a source of entertainment, they are also being utilized in classrooms to help students further comprehend past events in history. One book in particular,¬†March Book One by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell is a story about Martin Luther King Jr. and his basics of nonviolent, passive resistance, during the late 1950’s. This picture based story line takes readers on a journey to follow Congressman John Lewis, a key figure of the Civil Rights Movement. Throughout this remarkable story, John Lewis and others battle the constant struggle of segregation. Ms. Bedard, and Ms. Usenia, the two teachers of American Experience II, are handing the class over to their two student teachers, Jenna Gibbons, and Liz Paolella. Both Gibbons and Paolella stated they are excited to be teaching such “cool” material to the students in room 316. Justin Morrell, a student in American Experience II states, “The comic book seems like a great way to engage students with the subject by having it in a form that is easy to understand and appeals to students more than a textbook.” This proves that¬†March Book One will be both likable and easy to follow for students of all learning levels.

The graphic novel style of teaching is fairly new at North Providence High School, and is expected to be a success.