A Wave of Cold Washes Over NPHS

The east coast is preparing for the coldest week since 1918


Abigail Medeiros, Editor

As the thermometers temperatures drop, town residents are bracing themselves for the bitter cold. When twenty degrees feels like a heat wave, you know it has been cold. In these conditions, thirty minutes is all it takes to be exposed to frostbite. Not only do we have to worry about ourselves, we also have to worry about our pets and our elderly.

During this cold snap, the North Providence Fire Department has responded to many water emergencies from frozen pipes bursting to checking on the well being of our town residents. Now with an impending storm likely for Thursday, students from North Providence High School state how the cold is affecting their lives.

Victoria Carbone, a Junior at North Providence High School claims, “The cold distracts me from my school work at home and in school because I pay more attention to the goosebumps on my arms than the topics at hand. At school I walk around with a giant winter jacket and sometimes even that doesn’t make me warm enough.”

Juliana Hall, a Sophomore at North Providence High School also claimed, “The cold definitely affects students because not everyone is able to find a ride or catch a bus, even waiting for a bus is extremely cold. The temperatures have even been dropping abnormally low for our area, which doesn’t help.” Both girls seem to be negatively affected by this storm surge, along with most students.

I myself, have come across classrooms with broken heaters, so cold to the point where the teacher had to move the students to a different classroom. Try to cover up with as many layers as possible and remember, there are only 150 days until summer!