Senior Superlatives

Winterball 2017

Abigail Medeiros, Editor

The senior class of 2018 hosted North Providence High School’s annual Winterball on December 8, 2017. The night was filled with laughter, food, dancing, and fun. While the dance attendees were seated, the senior superlatives for the class of 2018, were announced. Each winner undoubtedly deserved their title for their time here at North Providence High School. The winners are as follows: Class Flirt: Myson Diaz and Helena Marsella, Best Personality: Joseph Corsini and Daniella Morel, Most Likely to Be Famous: Ronald Giorgio and Kaylee Perry, Most AthleticNevin Gordon and Aria Amico, Most Likely to Succeed: Jared Rubino and Nicole Valerio, Best Eyes: Cameron Cesana and Victoria D’Errico, Class Sweethearts: Jenna Balasco and Angelo Rizzo, Always Smiling: Kevin Pereira and Samantha Perez, Best Dressed: Angelo Magat and Victoria Nunez, Best Laugh: Perry Cusati and Rachel Elias, Most Artistic: Ian Jacob and Amie Bah, Class ComedianTimothy Kelly and Savannah Tallmadge, Best Friends (Boys): Myson Diaz and Jonathan Mariorenzi, Best Friends (Girls): Victoria D’Errico and Anne Marie Vacca, Best Friends (Girl/Boy): Jonah Leon and Chanel Barroso, Ideal Senior: Angelo Rizzo (co-winner) Jared Rubino (co-winner) and Aisha Siddiqui, Best Hair: Thomas Geremia and Victoria Hamel, Most ChangedJeffrey Lyman and Crystal Stepiniski, Best Excuses: Anthony Demedeiros and Emily Rylander, and last but certainly not least, Class Procrastinator: Axel Bandoma and Amber Marzocchi. Congratulations to each and every winner who lived up to their title at North Providence High School.