Homecoming Football Game 2017

Abigail Medeiros, Editor

The annual North Providence High School homecoming football game was yet another success this year. Despite the loss 19-15 and the inclement weather, North Providence fans didn’t let anything stop them from smiling. The cheerleaders’ smiles seemed brighter than ever as the NPHS football team maintained a rising score. At half time, fans and parents were introduced to the 2017-2018 homecoming court. Susie Mosley and John Dicarmo represented the Freshman class. Xavier Roldan and Madison Liston were cheered on as they walked onto the field to represent the Sophomore class. Alexander Roman and Isabella Neves represented the Junior Class. Last, but certainly not least, Stephen Grivers and Allison Jasper were crowned homecoming queen and king as representatives of the senior class. During the second half of the game, the North Providence High School cougars put up a fight against Hope High School. Sadly, the final score was depicted during the last minute of the game.