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Implementation of Technology in Classes

Erickson Monterroza, Entertainment Editor

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Technology nowadays is a vital part in the youth’s communication and life. To accommodate the changing times, classrooms have started to integrate technology including those here in North Providence High School.

Teachers have been implementing technology into their classroom, even if it is a minuscule part. For instance,  Mrs. Branco, head of the math department, said,”It’s fine I like it but I wish I didn’t have to use paper. I upload assignments to google classroom and I still have to hand out papers.” Mr. Ryan a notable English teacher believes, “Great potential, but the infrastructure is not here to support the function of all this technology.”

The front-runner of this glorious change, Mrs. Leaheey, was quoted saying, “In order to help people in the 21st century is to prepare students for jobs that don’t exist yet” and “(Technology) Increases student collaboration and changes the way I teach.”

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Implementation of Technology in Classes