Will NPHS Finally Be Cool?

Katie Henry, News Editor

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Each year, students and teachers agree that the return to school in the fall is made much worse by the ongoing summer heat. Recently, everyone in our building was thrilled to find out that plans to air condition the school will soon be put into action.

As we all know, a portion North Providence High School was rebuilt after a fire a few years back. According to Principal Goho, the school department is now discovering that the building had been constructed with duct work to support AC. A “chiller” unit can now be added to the high school which will keep classrooms and hallways climate controlled with cool air.

So when will this wonderful unit be added to our school? The chiller is expected to arrive around spring or summer of 2017. I am sure we can all agree with Mr. Goho, who stated that this is “really good news for students and staff!”

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