Fidget Spinners: The New Desk Toy


Hunter Palazini, Reporter

Spin, spin, spin in all shapes and sizes! Fidgit spinners are no doubt mesmerizing and addicting. This new trend spun out of control within a matter of weeks. Before we knew it everyone had one of these for at least five dollars.

In our school, the Fidget spinners have been recently banned. There are two sides to everything situation, especially this one. Mr. Goho seems to be in between on the issue of Fidget spinners. After asking our principal on his opinion and the ban he stated “…they are helpful to some, the majority of kids and teachers find them distracting when used during lessons.” These desk toys can be used to break a bad habit, keep your hands busy, relieve stress, and focus on school work. They are even advertised as tools for those with autism, ADHD, and other attention deficits. Others believe that in classrooms the spinners are obnoxious and a way to distract students from work. Leave a comment on your opinions on the Fidget Spinners.