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Is Marvel’s Iron Fist As Bad As People Say?

Ian Jacob, Comics Editor

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Marvel’s Iron Fist has received a very bad rap from many people, especially when compared to the other Marvel shows on Netflix. But is it really as bad as people say it is? Well, going bit by bit from the first episode let’s see how this show measures up to the rest.

The Characters

Of course there is Danny Rand/ Iron Fist (Finn Jones) who is the main character in this story. He goes missing for years after a tragic plane crash that he lost his parents to. I know, big shocker that the main character lost his parents, completely out of left field. When he returns, he tries to find his father’s business partner who is dead. Instead he finds his “friends” Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey), the “villain”, and Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup),  the “girl” because that is all she really is in the first episode. Sure, she appears a few times but every time she does, it is like they just copy and pasted her lines over and over with little differences to make it seem like she is actually saying something else with a hint of additional dialogue. Oh yeah, there is also another girl, Colleen Wing, the cool girl, she teaches at a dojo and honestly, she was the only character that had some sort of potential in the future, instead of a 2D damsel in distress.

The Plot

When I was watching the first episode I was really hoping that the plot would become bigger and have more explanation, but it really didn’t. They just stuck with Danny trying to talk to Joy and Ward, attempting to convince them that he is Danny. They don’t believe him, he keeps showing up, and Ward sends his guards to kill him. You know the usual stuff for a superhero yet, the way the show pushes the plot forward is kind of dull and boring. Granted, this was only the first episode and it did hint at something bigger going on.

Final Thoughts

Is Iron First a bad show? All in all no it is not, but it is definitely not the best either. Honestly, I see a lot of potential coming from the first episode. As long as the show goes about it in the right way. Maybe change some of the characters’ personalities to make them better and make the plot more interesting to actually draw more people in. Well, it is kind of late to change anything because the show is already out. So… Yeah.

If I were to rate Iron Fist on a scale out of ten I would give it a solid 7.5/10.

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Is Marvel’s Iron Fist As Bad As People Say?