Outstanding Play by NPHS Drama!


Katie Henry

With the holiday season quickly approaching, our NPHS Drama cast put on the production “A Christmas Carol”. Each show ( there were 4), was packed with excited students and families looking forward to watching this long awaited show. The lead role of “Scrooge”, was played by senior Shannon Donnelly. Shannon did a spectacular job taking on this role of a grumpy old man. Bob Cratchit was played by junior Ian Jacob, who also performed incredibly. Both students are talented singers who can captivate an audience. These roles especially stood out to me, along with the ghost of Jacob Marley/ Want/Charwomen, Nicole Valerio. Nicole played her roles with with exceptional enthusiasm that really brought excitement to the play. The whole cast put on an outstanding production, with a fun surprise at the Fezziwig Ball. Over 20 faculty members joined the show for this scene and the students in the audience loved it. Overall, the show provided everyone with holiday cheer, and really got me ready for the upcoming Christmas season.164550924-wi5ywymw164550739-d8pk3pgn