The Mannequin Challenge..the New Popular Trend!

Freeze for the camera!


Hunter Palazini, Reporter

The world was once Frozen crazy, we finally let it go….but now the world is once again frozen!  This new internet trend the “Mannequin challenge” has gone viral.  People from all over are joining in on the fun.

How this challenge works is people freeze in place while doing normal everyday actions.  While this is going on someone is walking around recording the many mannequins to later post online for internet fame.  There is no specific reason as to why this is so popular.  All a lot of people can say is it is mesmerizing and fun to watch.  Some even feel seeing how creative the videos can be is another plus. Actually doing the challenge is exciting, freezing in place doing a silly pose with your friends, hoping to contribute to the new trend.  Below is a few popular examples.

What is your thoughts on this?  Do you have a challenge you would like to share?  Comment below!