Freshman Project Worries

What this project means for the freshman class.

Abigail Medeiros, Story Editor

As third quarter makes an appearence, the Freshman class begins to focus on a major part of their Western Civilization grade. This essay and visual presentation is a common task required by the North Providence School District. A quote from Ms. Christina Louth, a Western Civilization teacher here at North Providence High School: “The freshman project is a comprehensive assessment given to all Western Civilization courses. What is great about the project itself is that, because everyone is in the same boat as far as having to complete the task, it becomes almost like a bonding experience. It’s a mini-experience of being a historian who gets to delve into various resources to prove a point. Also, because the kids get to choose their own topic to research, there is a sense of autonomy for students.” Ninth grade students must use secondary and primary sources to construct their essay. Freshman project isn’t a one and done assignment unfortunately . It consists of weeks of preparing and paperwork, leading up to the big due date and presentation dates. The presentation portion of the Freshman project consists of a 5 to 8 minute oral presentation based on his/her historical topic. Since this counts as a third quarter grade, many students are buckling down to get the project done. In closing, remember your four years of high school are just beginning, but this is a project you shouldn’t disregard.