Global Warming Makes An Appearance

A story of how weather has and will effect planet Earth.

Global Warming Makes An Appearance

Abigail Medeiros, Reporter

Global Warming had been a constant debate in 2015 and still is in 2016.

Many teens take Global Warming as a joke or consider it a hoax, but according to NASA scientists, Global Warming is clearly stated in recent data. It is a proven fact that Earth has hiked from 0.4 to 0.8 degrees Celsius within one hundred years. This climate change can increase dangerous, unhealthy  amounts of Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouses gases. Climate change is formed from burning fossil fuels, land clearing, and agriculture.  Even opening a refrigerator can release harmful gases.

Global warming research has shown that by the year 2100 the Earth’s temperature could rise between 1.4 degrees Celsius and 5.8 degrees Celsius. We are already starting to see the effects of a major climate change. Many of you may have noticed that over winter break, you could walk outside in a sweatshirt without shivering to death. In Rhode Island, we are used to heavy winter coats and knee high snow boots around this time. But instead, climate change has took the reigns of this past winter.

All over the world, ice is melting which is causing fear of the sea levels rising. Global warming can lead to several disastrous natural events including hurricanes, earthquakes, and tropical storms.

So, the next time you hear about Global Warming do not take it as a joke, take it as a preview for the future and try to find out how you can help fix the problem.