Fenway Park Full Or No

Nicholas Barbosa , Sports Illustration

So if you live in the state of New England you may know of a Local Baseball team known as the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox play in a ball park In Boston Massachusetts located about and Hour away from Our Home Town Of Rhode Island.

But on March 13th 2020 our life’s were changed. Our former Governor Gina Raimondo had to put a hold on things for a little while.

So what did that men for the Red Sox. Due to what is happening in our country it was difficult for all any sporting events to happen.

So after decisions were made the Governor Of Massachusetts had announced as Of May 29th 2021 Fenway  Park will be open to full seating.

Which if you look at Fenway Park on Tv or in front of your own eyes its a pretty big Park so it would make sense to lower the seating Capacity.

So Right Now Fenway park is looking full and the Red Sox are happy to be playing for tons and tons of fans for many and many more year to come.


Go Red Sox