Leaky Roofs and the Hard Cold Truth

Victoria Winter, Managing Editor

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The roofs at our school have leaked once again due to rain and snow that bombard the top of the building.

Every year, especially during winter, students can often find trash cans or recycling bins strategically placed around the school to catch dripping water. The leaks have been a yearly occurrence according to Mr. Goho, and the school department has paid to fix the roof in various areas every year.

Although the roof has been repeatedly repairs, leaks continue to appear and threaten the livelihoods of classrooms, teachers, and students everywhere. This year especially, Mr. Garganese faced a deafening blow when his room was mercilessly flooded by the cold, harsh, melting snow. In a desperate plea to save all the was close and dear to him, he moved nearly everything, including his beloved coffee maker, to other rooms for refuge.

While the leaks pose no imminent threat to students, faculty, or the building, they are especially pesky, wetting many seats leaving recycling bins everywhere.

The most prone areas to leakage are the older parts of the building, the library, and areas under the skylights.

According to Mr. Goho, repairs are scheduled for this summer to the skylights which will hopefully address a majority of the leakage problems. By next summer, the entire roof will be replaced.


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